Public Relations

Formerly the stuff of movie stars and corporate giants, Public Relations impacts every size business nowadays. Andy Warhol's posit that in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes also applies to organizations like yours. A little preemptive PR work will assure your 15 minutes of fame do not end in a defamation suit or worse; bankruptcy court!

Press Release

Although the  ubiquitous press release resembles nothing of it's heritage from the newsrooms during the glory days of real journalism, it still plays a role in getting your message out. Who are the newscasters, broadcasters, editors and program directors that NEED your content? Can you identify them? Can you reach them?Let us manage that for you.

Employee Communications

Laws governing the way you communicate with your employees are a daily concern and more so if you are looking at a work stoppage, union organization or a grass roots production slow-down. To keep you legal and a step ahead of professional organizers and opportunistic lawyers, let us craft your communications

Crisis Communication

We all hope it doesn't happen, but we all know it could. Through no fault of your own, an employee snaps, a safety measure is innocently overlooked or pure, dumb look causes your company to be on the front page. Are you going to look like BP or Tylenol? It's no accident either way.

Investors, Voters, Customers

They are all the same to us. They are your bread and butter. Don't take them lightly, don't communicate with them haphazardly. Let us help you craft a message that will help you to communicate EXACTLY what you want to say - no more and no less.

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