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Who Should Design Your Website?

Posted by tsteiden on February 25, 2010 at 12:33 PM Comments comments (1)

What do IT people do? They assure that your computers run efficiently, they save you from your stupid mistakes when you accidently delete something important. They say: “re-boot”. They are savvy computer users,software designers and programmers. Without their expertise, your very web presence may be compromised. However, they are not the people you want designing your website.

One of my favorite websites is Geico. I know – what graphic designer's favorite website is an insurance company? I love this site because it meets my every expectation and gives me exactly what I am looking for.

The little gecko is the thing of an advertising firm’s dream –he costs nothing, appeals to everyone, is not identifiable according to age,race or nationality, will not cheat on his wife, punch a photographer or appear naked in the Inquirer.

Most people would take the opportunity of a website visit to reinforce Geico’s branding scheme by letting the lizard say a few clever words like he does on TV. After all, he’s well liked and actually polls as a very trustworthy spokesperson. But, here is where your marketing representative earns his money. A marketing expert knows what people expect and want from your business and what compels people to make a purchase.

When I am on an insurance website ( and I am like you and your neighbors and everyone else) I am there to do business; pay my bill, print an insurance card, add a vehicle, start a claim – wham, bam, thank you ma’am.On Geico’s website, the first thing you see is Get A Quote (new business), next is Manage Your Policy (customer retention).

This is how I know an expert marketing person designed this website: In the automobile insurance business some 70% of purchases are made online. Once a customer arrives there, your advertising has worked – it drove the customer to the point of purchase. You are no longer advertising, you are in the customer service business from that point on and that website is designed to deliver:

I can pay my bill in 3 clicks…3 clicks!

I am not forced to remember some complex login with 6 characters, 1 capital letter, 2 numbers and 1 special character – no. I can get to my account easily and quickly, do my business and move on.

A marketing expert knows what people expect at every step of the purchasing process, and how to present your product or service so that it meets those expectations.

Your website is not the place to provide a canvas for a young Picasso, nor a place for your nephew to see what he can do. There is far more to marketing than buying a generic website just to be able to say you have one. Like every other advertising you do, if it doesn't show up on your bottom line, you have wasted your money.